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If you were one of the lucky ones who escaped relatively unscathed during Hurricane Harvey, there is still a chance that the Hurricane could affect your house, at least when it comes to the value of the property and selling the home. If you are considering selling, whether you were thinking about selling before the [...]

Top Mistakes Landlords Make

Landlords can be prey to lawsuits from tenants who feel their rights have been violated. Fortunately, there are many laws in place that protect both landlords and tenants, but newer landlords, and even those who have been using their property as a rent house for some time may not know them all. There are some [...]

Divorce always leaves people feeling raw, and the added stress of having to sell a house shortly after divorce proceedings have ended can be taxing on even the strongest person. Many men and women who have gone through a divorce want to be rid of the house that no longer feels like a home as [...]

If your house floods while you have it on the market, you will need to handle flood damages and cleanup so you can get back to selling your home fast without potential buyers being worried about flood damage. Your goal is to create a home that shows no visible water damage so that buyers won’t [...]

Repairs can be costly. Many times it is the fact that so many aspects of your home are reaching their end of life, which prompts people to sell. First an appliance goes, which seems like a small expense if you have been living in a house for more than a decade. Then you realize you [...]

There are usually two main reasons people decide to sell their rental properties. Either you want money to invest in another property, or you need capital for other reasons so are selling your rental property to offload an investment and raise some cash. Of course, if a tenant damages your rental property you may want [...]

Booms in foreclosures have many people engaging in flipping houses. People struggling with finances and looking to downsize often want to avoid foreclosure and sell their homes for low amounts to stop the foreclosure and keep their credit rating intact, which also puts more cheap properties on the market. Working with a licensed real estate [...]

The main objective in acquiring property to rent is to ensure a regular cash flow that can help immensely with your recurring expenses. However, managing your rented house is no mean task and often, you end up resolving one issue after another in quick succession. Take a look at some common challenges landlords may face [...]

The Texas Real Estate.com has some heartening news for you if you are looking to sell your Spring, Texas home quickly. A recent report shows that the median home price in Texas has risen by 5.5% (compared to 4th quarter 2014) and the days- on- market has also dipped slightly. As a home owner looking [...]

Selling my House in Katy

If your family is growing and your home is no longer big enough for all of you or you are taking up a job in another city and you want to move out, you are probably thinking about ‘how to sell my house fast?’. Your house represents a huge investment for you and it is [...]